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Warwick Data Science Hub


Do you have a data project?

A set of data that you’ve been meaning to mine for useful information for some time, or a mathematical or statistical business problem?

Would you like some help?


The University of Warwick has a world leading capability in Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, and Business Analytics.

Our MSc students need real world projects and data.

The projects typically run for 10 weeks, and will be in Spring or Summer depending if they are with Maths/Stats or Business School.

Send us a brief description of your proposed project and if we think it’s suitable, we will ask you to write a longer description of about 1 page A4. The students choose from a pool of projects, so make sure it sounds interesting and worthwhile.

Check our guidelines for more information, and contact Brendan Spillane at Warwick Ventures with project proposals or for more information.