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Expectations of a World Class University - a Strategy for IT Services



Our strategy is to deliver excellent core services, comparable to those delivered within other leading institutions, supplemented with a very few truly differentiating services that will delight users and impress observers.

Purpose: Deliver the IT Services required by a world class university.

Objective: Develop our IT function and our delivered services to meet the needs of the University of Warwick – and specifically to support the wider University strategy.


  • Develop internal communications and benchmarking capabilities to ensure we are meeting the needs of users with services that are fit for purpose.
  • Implement a number of projects designed to maintain or bring current core service capabilities in line with those offered by comparable institutions.
  • Implement a small number of new services that will be regarded as distinctive - genuinely innovative, providing clear benefits for creativity, collaboration, knowledge sharing or improved efficiency.
  • Utilise Six/Lean Sigma type techniques to ensure resources are allocated to initiatives that will deliver clear, valued benefits ; emphasise user-driven, small scale, rapid delivery projects.
  • Do not resource projects that are not directly aligned with this strategy.

The above criteria will be applied to ensure the initiatives we work on deliver our stated objective and ensure we meet our purpose. That is: any shortfall in meeting our purpose leads to an objective, our strategy defines/selects/rejects the opportunities presented to us - so that we only work on those that contribute to our objective.