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Update: Argent Court data centre availability in January and March 2020

The Argent Court data centre shutdown planned for 16th March 2020 will no longer take place. This was to install new electrical and mechanical equipment for the new HPC (high-performance computing) data centre. A revised plan for the work makes the shutdown unnecessary but involves two 'at risk' per…


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Hola VPN update: how to remove it

We warned of the dangers of using the Hola VPN Peer-to-Peer service – popular for watching video content online via a web browser plugin or mobile device app – on 31 July and 23 October. As stated then, this service is unsafe and devices using it will be blocked from the University network.

If you h…


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Technical news

Retiring as end-of-life: Academic Data Store (ADS) Service from August 2020

The Academic Data Store (ADS) due to its age is retiring in August. Applying the necessary hardware and OS upgrades has become very difficult. As is, managing the movement of the data used tightly enough for current data regulations.

There are alternative options for the handful of departments who u…


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