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Two step authentication is here

To help protect your (and our) data, we’re asking all staff to take an extra security step when signing into Warwick systems in future.

This simply means that when you log in from an unrecognised computer, tablet or mobile for the first time, you'll be asked to enter a code as well as your usual user name and password. The code is generated by an app on your phone, or sent to you by text.

We're introducing this two step sign in process to better protect sensitive data ahead of introducing our online Human Resources system, and to keep pace with funding body requirements that demand increased levels of data security.

Setting it up is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1) Click sign up

2) Follow the instructions on how to download the app (or opt for text instead)

3) Enter the code. And that's it!

Trusting your devices

You can choose to have your device 'trusted' for a period of time (up to a year) by selecting 'remember me on this device' and choosing one of the drop down options.

However, if you share your device with others, it's left unattended, or you have access to particularly sensitive data, we recommend you take this extra security step every time you log in.

When is it happening?

We're rolling this out to departments across the University throughout the Spring. We'll email you to let you know when it's your turn and you'll start receiving prompts shortly after. You'll have a two week window to sign up, so you can choose a convenient time. It should only take five minutes, and we're always on hand if you need to ask for help. If you're ready to go and don't want to wait, you can go straight to sign up here.

Got a question or want to know more?

Visit our Two Step help and information pages.

Two Step Authentication

Got a question or want to know more?

Visit our Two Step help and information pages.