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Two-step authentication for better security

To keep data secure, we're asking all students to enable two-step authentication on their accounts.

When you sign in from an unrecognised computer, tablet or mobile for the first time, you'll be asked to enter a code as well as your usual username and password. The code is generated by an authenticator app on your phone or sent to you by text. If you choose to use an authenticator app, you'll also receive the code from the My Warwick app.

Two-step authentication is necessary to better protect sensitive data at Warwick and comply with legislation.

Setting it up is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1) Sign up

2) Follow the instructions on how to set up an authenticator app, or opt for text instead. You will need to use your phone to receive the codes (see note).

3) Enter the code. And that's it!

Trusting your devices

To avoid having to enter a code each time you sign in, you can choose a duration of up to a year from the Don't ask for a code again on this device drop-down options.

If you're working on a shared device it's best to choose Until I close my browser so that you're asked for a new code next time you use the device. On the computers in student work areas you will need to provide a new code each time you use web services such as Webmail or Tabula.

When is it happening?

We're rolling this out to students across the University during the Spring Term 2020. You have a five-week window to sign up at a convenient time. It should only take five minutes, and we're on hand if you need to ask for help. If you're ready to go now, you can sign up here. By the 2nd of March 2020, you must set up two-step authentication to be able to sign in.

Is your data safe? Entering a two step code provides an extra layer of security


Note: What to do if you don't have a phone

You can generate a set of backup codes and keep them with you (in your wallet, for example) ready for emergency use.

This is a good idea in case you ever have a flat battery, don't have any signal and are using text messages, or are without your phone.

You can generate more backup codes at the bottom of your two-step web page.

Got a question or want to know more?

Visit our Two-step help and info. In a hurry? see our one-page guide

We have a dedicated two-step support phone line:
024 76 575000

You can also contact us via the usual methods: