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Retiring as end-of-life: Academic Data Store (ADS) Service from August 2020

The Academic Data Store (ADS) due to its age is retiring in August. Applying the necessary hardware and OS upgrades has become very difficult. As is, managing the movement of the data used tightly enough for current data regulations.

There are alternative options for the handful of departments who use this service.

For advice or support, please contact us:

Thu 23 Jan 2020, 15:56 | Tags: All Technical Staff

Update: Argent Court data centre availability in January and March 2020

The Argent Court data centre shutdown planned for 16th March 2020 will no longer take place. This was to install new electrical and mechanical equipment for the new HPC (high-performance computing) data centre. A revised plan for the work makes the shutdown unnecessary but involves two 'at risk' periods in January.

Thu 16 Jan 2020, 09:33 | Tags: All Technical Staff All Staff

University House Data Centre shutdown 9th - 10th December

Estates need to carry out essential electrical testing this year, in the University House Data Centre and other comms equipment rooms. This work is to ensure the University is meeting statutory legal requirements. The mains power to the data centre, associated rooms and all cooling plants will have to be switched off whilst the work is carried out.
Key services we provide to the University are likely to be affected or operate with reduced functionality. For further information and details of affected services please visit the project web page.

For advice or support, please contact us:

Mon 18 Nov 2019, 11:30 | Tags: All Technical Staff

Password security improvements for ITS Accounts from 14 November 2019

From 14 November 2019 we'll be performing automatic security checks when you sign in to your ITS Account. We may ask you to change your password within 7 days. This is to improve the security of accounts where the password matches one previously exposed in a data breach of another website.

Wed 30 Oct 2019, 17:11 | Tags: All Technical Staff All Staff

Availability of restricted ITS accounts for applicants

At the start of 2019, we began creating ITS accounts for applicants. This allowed applicants to engage securely with our online services, the first of which was the new Wellbeing system.

Before using their applicant ITS account, an applicant must register it. Initially, the account is limited to a few services; there is no email address or access to library journals or departmental resources. What is available depends on the permissions within each service.

As an applicant transitions into a Warwick student, their applicant ITS account is elevated to a normal ITS Account, with the usual wide range of services. The student will need to agree to the IT Acceptable Use Policy.

ITS accounts for applicants will be more widely used in the coming months, this is because they will be used by the Universal Admissions system, launching this year. These accounts will also be supported in SiteBuilder, where you will be able to use them to share web pages and sites with applicants in the same way as for current students.

If you need advice or support relating to this, please contact

Mon 16 Sep 2019, 12:07 | Tags: All Technical Staff

Managed Desktop Pull Print Queue Migrations - Wednesday 11th September 2019

IT Services will be automatically migrating all Managed Windows 7 and Managed Windows 10 computers from the legacy Kyocera\HP on Triton or Rycon Pull Print queues onto newer, more modern and supportable servers Hanks and Stone.

For further details of this change...

Tue 03 Sep 2019, 12:22 | Tags: All Technical Staff All Staff

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