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Hola VPN update: how to remove it

We warned of the dangers of using the Hola VPN Peer-to-Peer service – popular for watching video content online via a web browser plugin or mobile device app – on 31 July and 23 October. As stated then, this service is unsafe and devices using it will be blocked from the University network.

If you have Hola installed, it must be fully removed - see your options.

Wed 30 Oct 2019, 17:00 | Tags: Computers, Security, Mobile, Network

Managed Windows Desktop Computer restart for anti-virus software upgrade

We will begin a process of upgrading Kaspersky on Managed Windows Desktop Computers during November 2019. This applies to staff desktop and laptop computers. We will upgrade student work area computers and teaching computers outside of normal working hours wherever possible. Note that this process involves an automatic restart of the computer.

Mon 11 Nov 2019, 08:00 | Tags: Computers

Password security improvements for ITS Accounts from 14 November 2019

From 14 November 2019 we'll be performing automatic security checks when you sign in to your ITS Account. We may ask you to change your password within 7 days. This is to improve the security of accounts where the password matches one previously exposed in a data breach of another website.

Wed 30 Oct 2019, 17:11 | Tags: Accounts, Security

Watch video content online? Your device is at risk if you use the Hola VPN - take action now

This affects all users of the Hola VPN Peer-to-Peer service, which provides access to internet content using a private network. You might use this service to watch Netflix abroad, for example, via a plugin for your web browser or an app on your mobile device.

The ITS Security team have become aware of a serious security risk in using this free service. The Hola VPN Peer-to-Peer service is unsafe; you should stop using it immediately on all your devices and contact IT Services for guidance on removing it.

Wed 23 Oct 2019, 12:36 | Tags: Security

Unlimited onsite support for your computer for one full academic year

Staff and students at Warwick can register for onsite support for their personal, privately owned computers by the extended deadline of 30 November 2019 and pay just £30* for unlimited support throughout the entire year. The service is provided in conjunction with our IT partner, XMA. This includes:

  • Unlimited on-campus support for your computer
  • Health checks of your computer to optimise its performance
  • Software support, such as help installing an operating system or other software
  • Hardware support, such as recovery after a virus, or repairs (excluding the cost of components)

Register for the service or read more about what is included.

* The £30 fee applies if you register and make payment by the extended deadline of 30 November 2019. To receive the same support without the support contract costs £45 each visit.

Fri 20 Sep 2019, 17:27

Guide to IT Services for new students

We have created a simple guide for new students to help them get set up and ready to study at Warwick.

Fri 20 Sep 2019, 17:26

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