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Membership system offline: Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 June

Work is underway to move the Membership database to a new hosting environment. Whilst the system is migrated over, the Membership system will need to be suspended - it is anticipated that the system will be unavailable from 10am, Tuesday 26 June to midday on Wednesday 27 June. The service is at risk of being unavailable until 8am, Thursday 28 June 2018.

Mon 11 June 2018, 14:06 | Tags: Outages

Membership and Building Access services offline: 30 May

Owing to necessary upgrades, Membership and Building Access services will be offline between 7.30am-8.30am on Wednesday 30 May. During this off-line period, no new cardholders can be created, no cards printed/reissued, no updates made to an individual's details via the Membership web interface, no updates made to the library system and no updates to buildings access via the web interface and output to G4 and Honeywell.

Fri 25 May 2018, 10:48 | Tags: Outages

Email delivery to Microsoft consumer accounts: issue resolved

Following yesterday’s (Tuesday 1 May) message regarding Microsoft blocking emails from Warwick addresses to Microsoft consumer accounts, we received notification at 21:45 last night (1 May) that the block has been lifted.

Wed 02 May 2018, 15:49 | Tags: Email

Email issue: delivery of emails to Microsoft consumer accounts

Microsoft have blocked emails from Warwick addresses to Microsoft consumer accounts (such as hotmail or gmail), meaning that emails are not delivered and the sender is not informed.

The block was put in place on 30 April and IT Services are working with Microsoft to get it lifted as soon as possible.

Tue 01 May 2018, 14:51 | Tags: Email

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