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Support for privately-owned computers

Did you know that you can get IT support for your privately owned machine through IT Services? The service is available at the competitive rate of £30 for the entire academic year.

Tue 11 September 2018, 12:02 | Tags: Computers

Do you password share? Tell us why

Have you ever been given someone else’s password at Warwick in order for you to complete a task or start a process? IT Services is undertaking work to make sure that we’re all aware of the different implications of password-sharing, and – most importantly – that we know about the better option available to us.

Wed 05 September 2018, 13:55 | Tags: Security

Argent Court Data Centre Shutdown: 10-12 December 2018

IT Services will be switching the power off to the Argent Court Data Centre from Monday 10 to Wednesday 12 December, with services provided through the Data Centre deemed at risk for the remainder of the week. During the next few months we will be working to identify which IT services and departmental applications will be affected. Many services will be unaffected because we will deliver them via the University House Data Centre, but some services will be unavailable. Where the latter is the case, we will notify affected staff well ahead of time.

Fri 31 August 2018, 14:32 | Tags: Network, Outages

Server unavailable: Tuesday 10 July

ITS plan to patch MultiuserUnix (aka Daisy) on Tues 10 July at 8am. This server will be unavailable for approx 15mins from 8am, assuming all goes to plan. Anyone that uses Unix or Unix mail will be unable to do so during this downtime period.

Wed 04 July 2018, 12:11 | Tags: Outages

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