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New, cheaper staff mobile phone tariffs

From Wednesday 1 February 2017, all mobile phone and data connections funded by departments through our corporate agreement with Vodafone will move onto new, simpler and cheaper tariffs. Vodafone themselves will do all the work, so there’s no need for anyone to even do anything – just enjoy your cheaper phones.

There will be 3 tariffs in total:

Tariff Monthly cost What is covered
“Mobile Worker” £2.50 + VAT Voice and texts. All calls to UK landlines and mobile numbers, and all standard text messages. Additional costs only apply to Directory Enquiries, Premium Rate Numbers, international calls and picture or video messages.
“Mobile Worker 2GB” £10.00 + VAT Voice, texts and data. The same calls and texts as above, with an additional 2GB allowance of data.
“Mobile Broadband Standard 5GB” £10.00 + VAT Just data. 5GB data allowance per month. Calls and texts are not covered under this tariff.