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New initiatives in IT Services

Unavailable print and photocopying: 17 & 20 July 2019

On Saturday 20 July MOST printing will be offline whilst we carry out upgrade work, including:

  • Printing, copying, scanning to email or H: drive on SafeCom enabled Kyocera and HP Multifunction Devices in all staff and student areas
  • Printing on any "N" number print queues or "xx-copier-x" print queues
  • Access to the webpage
  • The Mobile Print and Air Print services
  • The Library Visitor Photocopying Service
  • Printer Credits can be purchased but won't appear or be usable until printing is back online

The ITS-provided CUPS printing service is not affected and you can continue to use it

Only users of legacy print queues named _SAFECOM are affected by the change on Wednesday 17 July. On this date, _SAFECOM queues will be removed because they are no longer supported. Any customers still using this queue should migrate. If you need advice or support please contact the

Note: On Wednesday 4 September the legacy student pull-print servers will be retired. More information nearer the time.

Fri 21 Jun 2019, 10:53 | Tags: Printing

Unavailable print and photocopying on 15 December 2018

Print and photocopy facilities provided by IT Services will be unavailable on 15 December 2018 from 7am while we carry out a major server upgrade. We hope to complete the work before 4pm but may continue until then.

All staff and student pull and push printing will be unavailable, including:

  • printing via the Linux Managed Desktop
  • Mobile Print
  • Airprint
  • Mail2Me (scan to email)
  • Copy (including Library Visitor Cards)
  • the web page
  • SafeCom Save-O-Meter
  • AutoStore (scan to folder)

Printer credit processing will also be offline.

Note that the ITS-provided CUPS are not affected by the planned work and will remain available for the duration of this change.

Mon 03 Dec 2018, 09:28 | Tags: Printing

IT at Warwick: Issue 14

Issue 14 of our IT at Warwick eZine is out now, covering Software, HearNow, ITS Guides and more.

Wed 02 Nov 2016, 09:17 | Tags: New initiatives Printing Software

Update on the Argent Court Data Centre power-down in December

We can now confirm details of several major services that won't be affected by the Argent Court data centre power-down on 13 and 14 December.

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