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New initiatives in IT Services

Hola VPN traffic is blocked across campus from today 31 July 2019

We've received a growing number of abuse notifications for Warwick computer (IP addresses). After investigation, we found that computers running Hola have been compromised and used to send out phishing and spam emails.

Computers running the Hola client could be unknowingly used to:

  • download illegal material
  • maliciously attack our network
  • send out phishing and spam emails

Therefore we are blocking all traffic generated by the Hola VPN applications in use across Warwick.

Further information on "hola" and its sister company can be found here:
Your Tool to Access Netflix Content Abroad Is Hijacking Your Internet Connection
Shining a Light on the Risks of HolaVPN and Luminati

For advice please contact the or 73737.

Wed 31 Jul 2019, 10:44 | Tags: Security, Help Desk

Update your Stata SE licence

Update your Stata SE licence

 IT Services has recently renewed the University’s Stata site licence so you will now need to update your licence code.

Stata software is used for data analysis & management, statistical analysis and graphing. More information about Stata can be found here.

If you have an Unmanaged computer

Please go to for the latest licence codes, which are valid to April 30th 2020.

 If you have an IT Services Managed Desktop

Stata has been updated for you and you do not have to take any action. Some users may temporarily see more than one Stata application in the Software Centre. If you do, please select ‘Stata 15 V3’.

If you have any problems, please contact

Thu 02 May 2019, 17:09 | Tags: Security Software

Do you password share? Tell us why

Have you ever been given someone else’s password at Warwick in order for you to complete a task or start a process? IT Services is undertaking work to make sure that we’re all aware of the different implications of password-sharing, and – most importantly – that we know about the better option available to us.

Wed 05 Sep 2018, 13:55 | Tags: Security

New email phishing scam - beware!

Spam emails have been sent to a large number of staff and students using the subject 'Your webmail account will be closed' or 'Re: Top urgent dear (name)'. These are phishing emails - delete them straight away and DO NOT click on the link.

Fri 27 Apr 2018, 10:10 | Tags: Email, Security

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