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Improved ITS support in locally timetabled rooms

We've been working to extend our management of audio-visual equipment to locally timetabled rooms in several departments across campus. This follows an investment in remote monitoring and support tools for centrally timetabled rooms which has saved our Audio Visual team enough time to allow for expanded and enhanced services of this kind – a great example of the Simplify, Collaborate Deliver philosophy at work.

There are many benefits that come from this expanded central AV support:

  • Cost savings: since we manage and support the equipment there's no need for departments to rely on support contracts with external companies.
  • Faster response to issues: since we monitor the equipment centrally, we can see problems as they begin, responding before anyone even reports them.
  • Easier to use: since the equipment is the standard set we provide for centrally timetabled rooms people know what to expect when they go to use it.

So far, we've rolled out our expanded service to the Library, the School of Life Sciences, Warwick Medical School, the Centre for Applied Linguistics and the Departments of Chemistry and Engineering.

Library: a case study

The Library has particularly benefited from this enhanced service. Heather Green, Head of Client Services, said:

"Having centrally-managed equipment in our locally timetabled rooms has been a huge benefit. The equipment is the same kind that our clients have used elsewhere on campus so it's familiar to them, and the level of support is excellent – the team work until 7pm which is great for our evening events. We're now looking to end our external AV support contract, and will reinvest the savings made into other services."


If your department doesn't have centrally supported AV management in its locally timetabled rooms, and you'd like to ask about this extended service, talk to the Audio Visual team. Contact details and more information are available at: