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Capture, create, edit and share video easily
Video workflows to suit your teaching needs
Tools to help create multimedia for use in teaching, learning and assessment.


  • Use multimedia throughout your teaching
  • Schedule recordings of your teaching sessions
  • Offer bite-sized videos to introduce new topics
  • Ask your students to create, share and submit video content as a team, or individually to assessment items
  • Record in any space, bring topic-specific spaces to your students

Warwick offers a range of video tools:

Universal Capture

  • Download the software to your personal or managed computer
  • Record on the go with offline recording
  • Uploads to your Echo360 profile so can be easily shared via Moodle

eStream -

  • Record via Planet eStream app on phone or computer
  • Uploads to your profile for easy integration to Moodle
  • Edit the capture directly in eStream
  • In Moodle assessment students can be asked to submit video content

Box of Broadcasts

  • A database of BBC TV and Radio programming going back to 2008
  • Create custom clips to share in lectures, presentations or assignments
  • Nine channels are automatically recorded. For over 50 other channels users have 30 days to request a programme, or can schedule a recording 7 days in advance

Example Recipes - How video can be used to enhance your teaching.

Recipe description 1