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Access to Lecture Recordings via Moodle

Guidance on access to lecture recordings via Moodle

Mon 09 October 2017, 13:35 | Tags: lecture capture, moodle, update

Moodle for All

Moodle spaces for all UG & PGT modules from September 2017

read here

Mon 15 May 2017, 10:28 | Tags: lecture capture, moodle, update, extended classroom

ITS Teaching Services Update

Updates on ITS-Supported Teaching Services for 2017/18

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Mon 15 May 2017, 10:07 | Tags: assessment, lecture capture, moodle, update, extended classroom

Kickstart VR at Warwick taster sessions

A report on two days of VR-enhanced seminars, exploring the role of VR in learning and teaching.

Read the report here.

Mon 19 June 2017, 10:32

Extended Classroom Update April 2017

Update to the TEL Forum on 6th April 2017


See slideset

Wed 12 April 2017, 09:14 | Tags: Pedagogy, assessment, lecture capture, moodle, update, extended classroom

New academic technology courses available online now


We have created four new self-study courses, which can be accessed by all members of the university. We can also run live classroom based versions of these courses for small groups and individuals.

Create engaging lectures & student activities with ResponseWare

Learn how to use Turning Point Cloud and ResponseWare to add interactions into lectures. Ask multiple choice questions, collect ideas and feedback as text, display results as charts and wordclouds. Students respond in class using their own mobile devices and laptops. You can save and analyse the responses. This course includes all of the technical details, as well as ideas on using ResponseWare to make lectures more active and engaging with peer learning.

Access the online course.

Request a small group or 1 to 1 live version of the course by contacting Robert O'Toole.

Design Thinking

Developed by the IDEO international design consultancy, along with Stanford's Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, Design Thinking is a consistent collection of techniques and strategies for more effective, more participatory, designing. In this course we look at how it can be used specifically for designing educational things a and events, especially through staff-student collaboration.

Access the online course.

Request a consultancy or a training session by contacting Robert O'Toole.

Academic film making masterclass

Everything you need to know to make great videos for academic use. This course covers technical details, with detailed instructions for using cameras, mics, tripods and editing software. There is advice on buying equipment. And most importantly, advice on desiging an academic film, including many examples from films made at Warwick and beyond.

Access the course.

Request a small group or 1 to 1 live version of the course by contacting Robert O'Toole.

H5P at Warwick

Create engaging interactive learning activities in Moodle. H5P is the most popular HTML5 based (no Flash) system for authoring interactive videos, slide shows, multiple choice questions, interactive multimedia timelines and much more. Our Moodle-H5P integration records student results from H5P activities into the Moodle Gradebook. H5P includes simple to use wizards and WYSIWYG interfaces to make authoring easy. The course has a "Play Area" in which you can experiment with H5P.

Access the course.

Request a small group or 1 to 1 live version of the course by contacting Robert O'Toole.

Virtual Reality in Learning, Teaching and the Student Experience

What is Virtual Reality? How can we use it to enhance teaching? This short course has been created by the Virtual Reality Special Interest Group at Warwick to provide answers to these questions and more. It includes current technical details explaining how to access VR experiences using even the most basic equipment, as well as reviews of common workflows and equipment for making VR.

Access the course.

Request a small group or 1 to 1 live version of the course by emailing with your request, and Robert O'Toole will be in touch.

Wed 22 March 2017, 08:34 | Tags: Pedagogy, moodle, student engagement, LTSE enhancement, VR, ResponseWare

Project: Kick start the use of VR at Warwick

Our aim is to demystify this emerging technology as it hits the mainstream, give lots of people experience of VR headsets, and to give some people experience of creating VR videos through google cardboard and/or 360 cameras.

This project is funded by the Santander Digital Innovation fund, and has collaborators from acriss the University.

Wed 19 October 2016, 08:50 | Tags: ubiquitous learning, VR, research based learning

HEA report on student champions published

Just published, the report based upon our recent HEA project.
This report is based on a collaboration between the Academic Technology Team, LDC, Classics and Life Sciences. It is intended for use by everyone involved in enhancing learning, teaching and the student experience (LTSE) in HE.
The framework describes how students can and do perform essential roles within the enhancement of LTSE - as part of special projects (such as those now funded by WIHEA) and through everyday practice.
A set of intermeshing competencies are described for 9 essential roles:
  1. ​informed advocate;
  2. technical facilitator (spaces, learning designs, technologies etc.);
  3. social facilitator;
  4. admin process facilitator;
  5. project facilitator;
  6. creative-critical friend;
  7. researcher;
  8. horizon watcher and visionary;
  9. design participant.

The framework demonstrates how all of these competencies are essential for a continual enhancement process, so as to ensure that innovations fit with the needs and ambitions of their users, stick for a reasonable length of time, spread to more people and more contexts, and enable continual growth in our capability for further improvements.
The student champion approach (as implemented as Digichamps by WIHEA) encourages staff and students to form teams and work together to develop and apply this full range of competencies.
Tue 12 April 2016, 08:58 | Tags: student champions, student engagement, LTSE enhancement, digichamps

Technology Enhanced Learning Update 2016

Key updates from 2016 from Warwick's extended classroom, technology enhanced learning strategy and extracts from the TEL report.

Extended Classroom Drop-in Support

Drop-in support sessions are running on Wednesday afternoons 2-4pm in the library Teaching Grid Collaboration Space. Whether you need help using Moodle, MyPortfolio, Responseware, eStream or other technologies to support teaching and learning please feel free to drop-in any time during the session.

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