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June 2015 Update

Updates on Technology Enhanced Learning at Warwick: our extended classroom tools, projects and people

News on Tools


We have had a successful pilot, and we're now moving to service! There are more support materials available online. Now's the time to think about making more use of interactive polling in your teaching, so please have a look at our webpages and contact us with any questions.

Lecture Capture

This service continues to grow. The inaugural User Group was held May 29th 2015, with a great turnout of 35 people. The next User Group will be in the autumn term.


There are now 31618 pages, 500 of which were created in the last month. We will be getting full single sign on, date to be confirmed, this will improve the log on process. There will be a small downtime window in the week starting 7th July while the underlying infrastructure is upgraded, then an version upgrade the following week to version 15.04. 15.04 brings more improvements. Come along to the User Group!


Moodle continues to grow. We just reached the 20,000 users mark. There was an outtage on 21st May that affected all services hosted by our service provider, University of London Computer Services. Our host is working with Janet to reduce the chances of another attack. We will be upgrading to Moodle version 2.8 in the week starting 7th July. Some downtime scheduled, and there will be an at risk period. Please keep an eye out for announcements. 2.8 brings several improvements. We're also looking at improving our media streaming service. The academic year rollover process is underway. Now that we have been running since September 2012, we are due to review our provision arrangements so in the autumn will be entering a reprocurement exercise. Come along to the Moodle User Group, even if you've only just started using Moodle. The user group is a friendly bunch, and you can learn how your colleagues are making good use of the tools.

News on Projects and People

Alliance Education Strategy Projects

The Alliance Education Strategy has been approved so we now have an 18 month implementation plan with our colleagues at Monash University. There are three new posts to manage this 18 month project. The first vacancy went out to advertisement last week: Senior Academic Technologist, Grade 7, full time, 18 months. Closing date is 10th July so please share with people who might be interested. The second is an internal-only vacancy: Grade 7, half time, 18 months, closing date 29th June. To follow, there will be a Grade 5 content officer. Strands of the project include a repository project using Monash's Equella and the development of a Warwick repository based on dspace. There is also a Masterclass strand to support the sharing of online lectures, classes and courses between the institutions. Interested in getting involved? There will be a Repository expression-of-interest form soon. Contact amber dot thomas at warwick dot ac dot uk for further info.

Teaching Digital Humanities

David Beck has been running an IATL-funded strategic project concluding this Summer. He has developed Certificates for Digital Literacy to be launched in the Liberal Arts Degree. Through analysing a range of teaching initiatives, he has been producing recommendations on enablers for incorporating digital skills into humanities subjects, both on an individual module and curriculum level
Contact David dot C dot Beck at warwick dot ac dot uk for further info.

Student Champions

Our Extended Classroom project is part of a flexible learning programme at the Higher Education Academy (HEA), and includes a HEA-funded student champions project run by Robert O'Toole set up a prototype scheme for warwick's version of student digichamps. This builds on IATL digichamps project in Life Sciences, URSS, Enterprise skills, previous work with esquad and FLAG team and learning from across the UK HE sector on meaningful student engagement in TEL. Contact Robert dot O-Toole at warwick dot ac dot uk for further info.

Working with Students

We are hoping to strengthen the involvement of students in technology provision for learning. There are some fantastic student advocates of the benefits of TEL and we need to listen. This year Amber and colleagues will be holding a TEL session as part of SU Sabbatical Officers handover week in July. We see the Student Champions prototype scheme (above) as a way to increase involvement of students in TEL. We are very keen that SSLCs discuss concems and ideas about the use of technology in learning.

Working with staff

The Academic Technology Team works with academics, Administrators, TEL Leads and other Professional Services Staff, to enable the effective use of TEL. We’re always open to thinking about our support models: training, self-help resources and helpdesk. We're always keen to hear from you on where we can improve. In response to demand, we're hoping to add two content officers to the team to support academic departments make more effective use of our tools. We can help departments most where there is someone inside the department who acts as TEL lead. Whether thats a student experience manager, moodle coordinator or a dedicated academic technologist, we encourage departments to consider how best to coordinate internally. We're keen to work with you on new courses and course redesigns (once we have our support officers!), and we want to help you with navigating decisions: helping you decide which tools and when. There is expertise in TEL across Warwick, and we encourage you to share your knowledge through the TEL Forum and TAP network and other projects. The academic technology team pay annual membership for all Warwick staff to be part of the Association for Learning Technology, which includes events and mailing lists.

And finally …

Researching TEL

The Learning Technologies Research Network, founded by the Centre for Education Studies, Computer Sciences and Academic Technology will have it's first meeting 25th September. This is for researchers at Warwick in the field of TEL to network and collaborate. Further info on the network page.