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June 2015 Update

Technology Enhanced Learning Update from the Academic Technology Team.

Updates on Responseware, Lecture Capture, MyPortfolio, Moodle and more.

Sun 21 June 2015, 21:10 | Tags: update

January 2015 Update

Update on technology enhanced learning tools at Warwick. The latest on Moodle, MyPortfolio, the Extended Classroom and more!

Mon 26 January 2015, 13:05 | Tags: update

Extended Classroom Fortnight

9th to 20th February 2015

A series of activities to introduce the Extended Classroom suite of tools, support services and spaces. We will kick-start the process of getting Extended Classroom adopted by teachers and students across the University.

The events include practical and imaginative sessions (with Academic Technology, LDC, IATL and Audio-Visual Services). This will culminate in a visualisation workshop on Friday 20th, with idea visualisation artist Laura Brodrick - see for examples.

Fri 05 December 2014, 14:22

TEL Strategy Update November 2014

Update given to the TEL Forum on 19th November 2014.

View Narrated Presentation (Warwick people only) (6 minutes).

Wed 19 November 2014, 21:13 | Tags: update

Ubiquitous Learning and the Pedagogy of the iPad

Since its release on April 3rd 2010, iPad ownership and use has spread rapidly amongst all kinds of people and into all kinds of activities. The iPad has brought digital content and processes into our lives in seemingly unanticipated ways. It is a paradigm shift in how we use technology, and perhaps in the very nature of being human. Education has not been immune. However, the adoption of the iPad as a teaching tool has not yet lived up to the hype. This workshop addressed the question: what is "the pedagogy of the iPad"? Did you know that the iPad concept was invented in the mid 80's by a collaboration of anthropologists, designers and computer scientists at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre? The PARCPad was just one component in a much more revolutionary vision: ubiquitous computing, out of which developed the concept of ubiquitous learning.


Three Gifts for the Digital Humanities

Three fascinating resources for curious minds ... historical networks, time visualisation and a million pictures.

Wed 18 December 2013, 14:37 | Tags: Research, digital humanities

Update November 2013

Update from the Academic Technology Team, November 2013: featuring moodle, lecture capture and digital humanities, and introducing our new website!

Sun 24 November 2013, 21:06 | Tags: lecture capture, moodle, update, digital humanities

Open educational resources: Jorum reborn!

Jorum is the place where you will find free open educational resources produced by the UK Further and Higher Education community. There are over 15,000 free openly licensed resources in Jorum, building on a huge legacy of community sharing.

Thu 17 October 2013, 17:44 | Tags: open education

Innovating Pedagogy

The Innovating Pedagogy report from the Open University describes some areas of practice which are emerging but not yet mainstream. Descriptions are given online, and further examples and discussion can be found in the downloadble PDF document.

Thu 17 October 2013, 17:42 | Tags: Pedagogy

The Potential of eBooks in Academic Institutions

This JISC-funded report looks at the ways in which ebooks offer opportunities to universities. It takes a broad view across the issues around creation, consumption and curation.

Thu 17 October 2013, 17:38 | Tags: ebooks

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