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Blackboard Collaborate: Support & Troubleshooting

Top Tips for Troubleshooting

    Click on a heading to find out how to resolve common issues

    • If a session is a presentation/cascade of information, ensure it is recorded. Advise participants that they can watch the session at a later date if they have technical issues. Find out how to record a session.
    • If an issue cannot be rectified during session, the user should contact the IT services helpdesk
    • Follow the best practice steps set out in the ‘Running Successful Collaborate Webinars’ document
    • When running a session for a large group, it is recommended that the moderator switches off video stream and audio for all participants until it is needed for Q&A etc. Find out how to amend privileges.
    • Check that the correct (participant) link has been provided. This starts:
    • If the participant has been sent an invitation to join the session via the blackboard interface, ensure they are using the link on their emailed invite. Find out how to send and re-send session invitations
    • Check where the user is accessing the session from. If it is another company/institution, there may be a firewall in place which prevents them accessing Blackboard Collaborate from their internal systems. This issue will need to be referred to their company/institution IT department
    • Check if the participant has the volume turned up on their PC/Laptop (typically in right hand corner of screen on windows PC)

    • If the participant is using a headset, ensure mute button on headset is not on and headset is fully connected

    • Ensure audio settings are linking to the correct device. Find out how to enable microphone, speakers and webcam

    • Check whether there are session participants sitting in the same room as other participants. This can affect audio quality. If participants are unable to join from different physical spaces, ask that they remain on mute until they need to speak or that they share access to the session

    Richard Clay

    Role: Academic Technologist

    Expertise & interest:

    • Multimedia design (web, interactive, sound, video, print)
    • Usability, accessibility and user experience design
    • Moodle and Mahara
    • Online learning and instructional design
    Robert O'Toole

    Role: Senior Academic Technologist

    Expertise & interest:

    I am a PGCE qualified teacher, Warwick Philosophy graduate, National Teaching Fellow, WATE winner, with an MSc in Knowledge Based Systems from the School of Computing and Cognitive Science, Sussex University. Download my short CV.

    My PhD research was on "Fit, Stick, Spread & Grow: Transdisciplinary Studies of Design Thinking for the Remaking of Higher Education".

      Extended Classroom Gold Award