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#40 - Turn a presentation into an online interactive slide show

  1. Use face-to-face teaching time more efficiently.
  2. Support students' independent study, even when you are not teaching them face-to-face.
  3. Provide fun, engaging activities that build student confidence.
Solution overview

The H5P interactive content tool (available Moodle) includes a content type for interactive presentations, called Course Presentation. Use this to build a series of slides, with images, text, audio and video. You can export slides from PowerPoint or Keynote as images, and build a H5P presentation from them. Quiz questions and other interactive features can be embedded into the slide show. If used within Moodle, students' results from the activity are recorded in the module grade book.

  1. We recommend creating your presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote first, as this is easier software in which to design slides, develop and test your content.
  2. Leave spaces in your slides and presentation for interactive elements, such as quizzes, and for multimedia.
  3. Export your slides as images.
  4. Create a new H5P page in Moodle, and set the type to Interactive Presentation.
  5. Create a page in the Interactive Presentation for each slide, and import the slide images to them.
  6. Add your interactive elements using the H5P editing interface.