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Technology in Research

Technology is integral to many forms of research. Whether it's computing power in the sciences, content development tools in education, web-based dissemination in history or collaborative tools in business, most academics make some use of technology. The academic technology team supports new applications of technology within the disciplines, particularly where departments don't have a dedicated technologist. Plans are underway to create a network of research technologists within the University to share good practice and pool requirements.

  • We work closely with the Library and LDC on supporting technology practice within research, to ensure quality training and support is available.
  • Working with IT Services colleagues, we advocate for effective provision of software, server hosting and desktop applications for use in research.
  • In 2012 the Arts Faculty asked IT Services to provide more input to research in the arts and faculties. Digital Humanities is a research group, supported by the two Academic Technologists in the Faculty of Arts. Please visit the Digital Humanities website for more information.