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The Echo360 Interface

The Echo360 Interface

Once a schedule has been created, you will be able to see all recordings that have been recorded and those scheduled in the future via the Echo30 block in Moodle.

The icon to the righ of the recording gives information on the state of the recording:

View icon

A green icon is displayed for recordings that are ready to view.

Not ready to view icon

A light grey icon is displayed for recordings that aren’t ready to view.

Unavailable icon

A dark grey icon is displayed for recordings that have been made unavailable (staff only)

Note: as a student this grey icon mean the video has been viewed.

To making a recording unavailable

From the video menu, staff are able to edit a recordings details, edit the footage and make the recording unavailable to students. To make changes to a recordings availability select the icon immediately to the right of the date of capture (1), you can then select "make unavailable" to manually hide the recording. You can also select the "availability settings" to set a date range for the capture to b available or unavailable for.



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