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Making captures unavailable

This guidance is for content owners in Echo360. If you have scheduled lecture capture or are the registered course leader and have lecture captures scheduled for you, the Echo360 system will register you as the owner of this content.

If you are unsure if you are the owner or if you wish to make changes to content you are not the owner of please contact your departmental Academic Technology team or the central team for further guidance via Moodle at warwick dot ac dot uk

Accessing lectures

Moodle echo360 block

To make a capture unavailable to students you must first access the captures for the course via the Lecture Capture Block on the courses Moodle page.

Changing Availability

Steps to make unavailable

From here you will see a list of captures that are currently available to students. These are marked with a green icon (1). To make this content unavailable click the corresponding green icon and then click "make unavailable" (2).

grey icon showing unavailable

The green icon for this recording will then update to grey, indicating the capture is not available to students.

To make the recording available again follow the same steps however clicking the grey icon followed by "make available".

Automating Availability

selecting a date

Note that directly under the setting to change the availability for a capture there is an "Availability Settings" option. Selecting this will open a pane allowing you to set a date for a capture to become available or unavailable.

Checking the "On a specific date" option will bring up a text field to enter a date in the format YYYY-MM-DD. Clicking within this text field will also open a calendar allowing you to select a date.

Once you are finished click the "update" button to save your changes.

Permanently Deleting Captures

In the case that you wish to completely remove content from Echo360 you will need to send a request to the Academic Technology team.

Initially you can follow the previous steps to make the content unavailable while your request is being processed.

Due to the irreversible nature of deletion a request for deletion will require the consent of both the content owner and the head of department responsible for delivery of the course. Additionally any persons presenting in the material may need to be consulted.

Before requesting a deletion you need to consider if permanent removal of this content has the potential to negatively impact another member of the university? Examples of individuals who may be impacted are:

  • Members of staff responsible for delivery of material
  • Students required to resit or requesting reasonable adjustment

Please send requests for capture deletion to helpdesk at warwick dot ac dot uk


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