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Universal Capture (Personal) FAQs

What is Universal Capture (Personal)?

Universal Capture (Personal) allows you to record presentations, learning modules and tutorials with your computer in the comfort of your office or home. Universal Capture (Personal) can record whatever is on your computer screen, including PowerPoint presentations and websites, your voice and the video from your webcam if desired. The software allows you to quickly and easily playback your recordings, perform editing and publish to Echo360.

To download Universal Capture (Personal), follow the guide How to install Universal Capture (Personal).

Do I have to consent to the Lecture Capture Service to use Universal Capture?

No. We do not require you to complete a consent form before using Universal Capture (Personal). By downloading and creating recordings using the Universal Capture (Personal) software your consent is implied. By using Universal Capture (Personal) to make recordings you are not consenting to the in-room automated Lecture Capture Service.

If you wish to stop using Universal Capture (Personal), uninstall the software from your machine and request for any recordings to be deleted from the system. Please note, deletion is permanent and cannot be undone.

What recording options are there?

With Universal Capture (Personal) you can choose which aspects of the presentation you wish to record. Options include:

  • Presentation and audio
  • Presentation, audio and video of presenter
  • Audio Only (Podcast)

To begin recording with Universal Capture (Personal), follow the Using Universal Capture (Personal) guide.

Can I live stream a presentation?

Universal Capture now provides the option to Live Stream a recording. Live streaming should only be used where absolutely necessary. There is little difference between a recorded lecture, that students watch at any time, and a live stream as there is no interactivity with the participants.

The University recommends using asynchronous (not live, anytime) activities so that students are fully able to engage with the learning materials at any time.

How do I edit Universal Capture (Personal) recordings?

You can edit your recordings in the Echo360 portal. The Editing recordings guide details the editing process.

How do I access my Universal Capture (Personal) recordings?

Recordings made in Universal Capture (Personal) can be published to your personal Library or to an existing section in Echo360. For example, you could publish your recording to a module section.

Recordings published in your personal Library are accessible only to you.

Recordings published to a module section in Echo360, can be accessed via the Lecture Capture (Echo360) block in the corresponding Moodle module space.

How will students access my Universal Capture (Personal) recordings?

Students will access your recordings via the Lecture Capture (Echo360) block in their Moodle module spaces. When you are finished recording in Universal Capture (Personal) publish it to the corresponding module section in Echo360.

How can I get my recordings transcribed or apply closed captions?

As of August 18th all recording published via Echo360, including those created via Lecture Capture or Universal Capture have transcriptions generated automatically. The transcript can then be manually applied as closed captions. For more information, please read our guide on Echo360 Automated Transcripts and Closed Captions.

For guidance on the regulatory requirements related to audio and video transcription and captions, please read the guidance on Accessible video and audio content.

The information on this page relates to Echo360 and was last updated April 2020.


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