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Polices and guidance

Students value having access to recorded lectures for revision and review. Students use recordings to supplement, not substite for, attending lectures. Students aren't always unable to attend lectures due to illness, for example. Lecture recordings allow students to keep up with their course when they can't attend.

Lecture capture helps make your teaching more accessible and inclusive for all students. Provide recordings or allow students to make a recording as a reasonable adjustment.

This is an opt-in policy. Your consent to record you and consent to publish the recording. Complete the Presenter consent form before requesting a recording. The legal terms are standard to most online video platforms.

Recordings in the lecture capture system are for use by your own students. Access is to the institution only and students are not allowed to share further.

All third party materials used should avoid breaching copyright. If third party materials are suitable for use in your teaching, then it is likely they are also suitable for use in lecture recordings and on the VLE. If you are in any doubt, please seek advice from the Library.


Lecture Capture Policy

The Lecture Capture Policy 2017 can be viewed on the Equality, Policy and Quality website.

Recording of Lectures by Students Policy

The Recording of Lectures by Students Policy can be viewed on the Equality, Policy and Quality website.


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