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Echo360s Active Learning Platform (ALP)

Echo 360 ALP is an extension of the recording functionality of the Echo360 system which allows the introduction of active learning elements for students and teachers during live and recorded sessions. Here you will find information on the following ALP features:


Polls can be added to scheduled live sessions or to recordings. There are several types of polls that can be added to captures – Multiple choice, Short answer, Image quiz, Ordered list and Numerical. Multiple polls can be added to the same lesson. Polls can be reused multiple times but only once per lesson.

Read the Echo 360 blog on polling using ALP.

For live polling you may be interested in Vevox. Details can be found in our Guides to Vevox.

Adding polls to existing recordings

  1. Navigate to the capture using the Echo block on the courses Moodle
  2. Click Add poll, found below the video panel
  3. From here you can embed an existing poll or create a new poll.

Adding poll to a scheduled recording

  1. Click the Echo360 block on the course page to take you to the list of recordings.
  2. Click the plus button next to the scheduled capture.
  3. Click create new presentation
  4. Click add new activity at the top of the page
  5. Create your poll

Note that the + Icon will change to a presentation icon. You and students can access the poll during the class via the Echo360 block on the course page in Moodle and then clicking the presentation icon.

Creating a poll

Once you have opened the poll creation panel

  1. Select the type of poll from the options - Multiple choice, Short answer, Image quiz, Ordered list, or Numerical.
  2. Complete the required fields, note the time the poll appears can easily be updated later.
  3. Click preview to see how the poll will display
  4. Click done to save the poll

Controlling polls

If correct answers are set you will need to close the poll in order for these to display.

  1. Click the hand icon to close the poll while viewing the presentation.
  2. Click the bent up arrow to reveal the correct answer
  3. click the chart icon to view the results of the poll


Discussion allows students to pose questions to the class via the discussion feature. These can be answered by anyone that is in the session student or teacher.

  1. Access the class via the Echo360 block on the courses Moodle page
  2. Click the discussion button at the top of the page to open the chat and see questions live as students post them

Confusion Flag

Students may add confusion flags to points in the lesson they found unclear. These can be added both during live sessions and while reviewing the lecture. If you would like your students to use this feature asking them to add flags before a certain point, the next lesson or topic recap session, allowing you to review these once and adjust your session to cover any particularly problematic points. To view the flags:

  1. Access the class via the Echo360 block on the courses Moodle page
  2. Click the confusion flag button at the top of the page, it will have a number next to it to alert you of any confusion flags

Check out this post from Echo 360 on using the confusion flag to review teaching.

The information on this page relates to Echo360 and was last updated August 2020.


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