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Transcript editing permissions in Echo360

Permission to edit Echo360 automated transcripts can be given to colleagues or students who are supporting the checking and editing of transcripts for accuracy.

Here you will find guidance on:

Giving colleagues permission to edit transcripts

If you have a colleague who will assist you with checking automated transcriptions for accuracy, they must be given access to your Moodle space with one of the following roles:

  • Editing Teacher
  • Non-Editing Teacher
  • Course and Gradebook Viewer

Our guide to enrol participants onto a Moodle space will help you with this.

Permissions for individuals can’t be granted directly in Echo 360 as covered in the Inviting Instructors to a Course guide on the Echo 360 website, as this is not applicable to the Warwick instance of Echo 360. Access for staff is granted in Moodle as described above

Allowing your students to edit transcripts

The option to allow students enrolled on your course to edit transcripts is turned off by default. Turning this on will allow all students enrolled on the Moodle space to edit the transcripts. Permission cannot be granted to individual students.

  1. Access the captures for the course via the Echo 360 block on the courses Moodle page.
  2. Click Settings, top-right of the page
  3. Click Features, on the left of the page
  4. Scroll down to Student Transcript Editor
  5. Click the toggle to turn this option on

Accessing transcript editor

Once permission has been granted, the transcripts can be accessed via the Echo360 block on your Moodle space.

  1. Click the Echo 360 block on the Moodle space
  2. Click the green (or grey if viewed) button to the right of the capture
  3. Click Edit Transcript
  4. Review the transcript, click Edit transcript on the top-right of the page to begin editing the transcript
  5. Click Save as new versiononce the transcript has been reviewed and changes made

Transcript versions

When a transcript is edited it is saved as a new version, preserving the previous version.

The most recently edited version of the transcript will be used as the active transcript displayed on the video by default.

You can change the version you want to be displayed on the video using the dropdown found in the top left of the transcript editor page. You also use this dropdown to select a version you want to edit.

The author and date of the version of the transcript currently selected is displayed in the transcript editor.


The information on this page relates to Echo 360 and was last updated September 2020.


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