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Echo360 Live Streaming

This guide explains the live streaming functionality available in Echo360 and the process to book a live stream event.

Live streaming as a delivery model

The University does not recommend teaching to dual audiences i.e. a remote live audience at the same time as in in-room audience. See the University guidance on preferred delivery models for more information.

Live streaming in Lecture Capture enabled spaces

Echo360 live streaming can take place in any of the University’s lecture capture enabled spaces.

  1. Follow the Three steps to start capturing lectures guide
  2. Indicate the sessions to be live streamed in the "Please note any other requirements below" box on the booking form

Where the live stream does not include any interactivity with the remote audience, there is no difference between students watching a recording or watching the live stream.

Live streaming using Echo360 Universal Capture

We do not recommend using Echo360 Universal Capture to live stream. Whilst Echo360 Universal Capture provides a live streaming function, the system requirements for Universal Capture are high. The likelihood of technical issues or a poor viewing experience, for both the presenter and audience, are high.

The information on this page relates to Echo360 and was last updated October 2020.


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