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Install Universal Capture on a managed computer

How to install Universal Capture on a Managed Computer or Laptop

Note: If you currently have Personal Capture installed on your PC/Laptop, you will need to publish any recordings that you want to make available for viewing prior to installing Universal Capture, as the installation process will remove the existing Personal Capture application from your device.

1. Email to request access to the Universal Capture: Personal application (you should only need to do this if you have not previously requested access to Personal Capture)

Once you have been informed you have access to Universal Capture, navigate to the Software Centre on your Managed Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

2. Open the Software Centre.

sw centre location

3. Click on the Universal Capture: Personal icon.

sw centre image

4.Click on Install

install ucap

The application will then be installed and a Universal Capture icon will be added to your desktop.

Note: If you have Personal Capture installed on your device you MUST upload any recordings you wish to share prior to installing Universal Capture as the old application will be removed during the installation process.

5. Once installed click on the Desktop Echo360 Universal Capture icon to launch the App, you will then be directed to the Echo360 log in page to allow you to open and use the recording software.

6. Follow the on screen instructions to login to Echo360,

7. Once logged in, you will be taken back to the open application to begin recording.


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