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3 steps to start capturing

There are three steps to getting started with Echo360 for lecture capture:

Step One - Submit a consent form

You are only required to submit this form once.

Consent Form Link

Step Two - Schedule your recordings

Once you have booked a recording in one of the 100+ supported spaces, your session will automatically be captured.

Booking Form Link

In some departments a Departmental Coordinator will complete these requests on your behalf.

Find a full list of Echo360 supported rooms here.

Step Three - Deliver your session

AV supported teaching spaces feature a standard set of equipment, plus additional teaching aids to suit the room and style of teaching. There is a general guide to Echo enabled teaching spaces here, and you can find out more about a specific rooms setups here.

Once you have delivered the session the content will be automatically assigned to your profile, and if it is lecture material for a course, this will be available to students via the Echo360 Block in the courses Moodle page.


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