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Using Universal Capture

Configuring and Recording with Universal Capture: Personal

When you open the Universal Capture application you will be asked to login to the Echo360 portal, and once logged in the recording interface will open.

Before making your first recording you need to select which inputs you would like to have recorded. This is done using the drop down menus for Display 1, Display 2 and the microphone input (shown by the white arrows in diagram below).

Display 1 is usually set to be your computer desktop so everything shown on your screen will be recorded.

If you have more than one microphone connected to your computer you will need to select which one you would like to use.

Display 2 is usually a web cam input or second monitor input - this input can be set to None if you only want to record your desktop (Display 1).

Prior to starting your recording, you have the option to give your recording a title and select which folder (Module) the recording will be published to when you press the Stop button. If you do not select a title the recording will be published to your Echo360 personal library, this will give you the opportunity to edit it before publishing to a module/folder, which will make it available for viewing. To give the recording a title, you need to click on the pencil icon next to the word Untitled in the top left of the screen and this will open the Capture Details table (see below).

The two important fields are the 'Title' and 'Publish To...'. After giving your recording a title, you can use the drop down arrow in the 'Publish To' box to select which folder (Module) you would like the recording to be published to. If you do select a module the recording will be available for viewing as soon as it has been processed, However, if you wish to edit the recording before making it available leave the 'Publish To...' box set to Library.

To start your recording, click on the Record button (shown by red arrow in user interface picture above). After pressing the button you will have a 5 second countdown and then the recording will start and the user interface will shrink and appear on the tool bar at the bottom of the screen.

To pause, stop or delete the recording, click on the Echo360 icon on the tool bar to open the user interface. You will then see the recording control buttons (shown below), which are Stop, Pause and Delete.

To end the recording, click on the Stop button. This action will stop the recording and immediately upload it for processing in the Echo360 cloud.


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