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Uploading a closed captions (subtitles) file to eStream

Captions (subtitles) are text alternatives to on screen content which capture all the spoken audio, plus on-screen text and descriptions of key visual information that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible without seeing the video.

Captions help participants who have sight or hearing impairments as well as non-native speakers.

You can create caption files youself or use free automated services to help.

Your captions file must be .srt format.

  1. Upload your video/audio to eStream
  2. Once uploaded, navigate to the video
  3. Click on Manage Subtitles

  1. Click on Upload Subtitles File (.srt)
  2. Select the .srt file from your computer

When viewing the video, click on the CC icon to enable captions (subtitles).

This guide was last updated September 2019.


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