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Edit a video in eStream

You can edit a video that you have uploaded to eStream using the Edit Studio. Edited items can replace the original recording, or be saved as a new video.

1) Select My Home from your profile link at the top right

2) Click the search button to show all your uploaded recordings, or filter using the media type or part of the name.

3) Select the video that you want to edit by clicking on the title.

4) Select More, then Edit Studio.

This will open the Edit Studio where you can 'Edit Recording' e.g. trim the video timeline, combine sections into a new recording; or Edit Slideshows i.e. upload and sync images or slideshows to the video playback.

eStream Edit Studio

Edit Recordings

eStream Edit Studio Interface Recordings

The video editor window

  1. Selected Video title
  2. Video playback window
  3. Edit Studio controls - these are used to mark start ('Mark in') and end ('Mark out') points on the timeline, to clear these, preview your edit and then save / submit the changes. See the image below for more details.
  4. Video timeline - a visual representation of the edits you have selected.
  5. Zoom - change the xoom level on the timeline to make it easier to visualise very short or very long videos.
  6. Edit options - more than one edit can be created of a single video and each saved edit will be listed here. There is also an 'Editing Video' Help button here.
Edit Studio Controls

eStream Edit studio controls

  1. Mark in - set the starting point for the section you want to show in your new or edited version of the video. You can have multiple 'Mark in' points, each paired with a 'Mark out' to delimit the chosen segment of video.
  2. Mark out - set the end of the segment to be shown.
  3. Clear edit - remove ALL edits from the timeline.
  4. Preview edit - the trimmed video will be played in the video playback window.
  5. Settings - Choose whether this edit will be saved as a new recording, or if it will replace the original recording. Once replaced, the video cannot be recovered.
  6. Save edit - if you have not set this in settings, you will be offered the options as per 5. This adds the edit to the Edit list at the top right. You will still be able to make changes.
  7. Submit edit - once this is selected, the edit is submitted to the eStream servers for processing and cannot be changed.
  8. Timeline - this section provides a visual representation of the sections of the video selected / cut.

Editing a video

In simple terms this is placing a start and end for each section you want to keep and then letting eStream process this to produce a new video. Use mark in (start), then mark out (end) for each segment - drag the markers to expand or shorten the section. Preview the video, save the edit as you go along, and when you are satisfied submit the edit for processing giving it a new name (or overwriting the original).

Planet eStream Edit Studio

A useful summary of the edit process provided by planetestream.


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