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Student eStream guide

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Logging in and homepage

Step 1.

  • Login to eStream: using your Warwick IT username and password

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Step 2. Once logged in you will be shown the home screen. Here you can view the most recently added videos and videos by popularity.


Step 3. The standard navigation is at the top of the page. The navigation bar also includes a search functionality.


Search and Categories

You can find videos in two ways by searching or by using the navigation option categories.

1) Search
There are two places to search on the homepage the top search box which appears on every page and the search box on the homepage.


  • You can search for keywords or a specific video titles. For example: keyword search “CVs”



  • From the list of search results select the title of the video you wish to view and select play.


2) Categories

To view all videos available to you select “Categories” from the top menu.


  • Select the category "Warwick Students" tile


You will now see a list of videos ordered by the most recent upload


  • You can reorder the list by: date, duration, popularity, rating, title, and last viewed. Select the relevant order and Click on the magnifying glass icon to reorder


It is also possible to order the list by Ascending or Descending. Select the relevant order and Click on the magnifying glass icon to reorder



Every student has a MyHome space on eStream. The link can be found in the top right hand corner.


The “MyHome” page has a number of tabs.

The Media tab will allow you to access and manage your media.

Click on the magnifying glass icon to view a full list of your media uploads.

N.B. Do not add text to the search box


The My Conversions tab will allow you to monitor any uploaded media that you have in the conversion queue.


The Lists tab will allow you to manage your favourites and recommended items.


Favourites is a list of your favourite items, select any item’s thumbnail or title to view the item. Use the dustbin icon to delete the item from the list.


Recommended tab is a list of items you have recommended. As with favourites select any item’s thumbnail or title to view the item. Use the dustbin icon to delete the item from the list.


Creating a Playlist

Step 1. To create a new playlist click on “Create” from the menu list and then select “Playlist”


Step 2. Add details for your playlist.


Step 3. Under “Select Categories to add this item to” select “Warwick students”


Step 4. Once you have entered the playlist details and selected the category, Click on the “Create” button


Step 5. Add items: Select the “Add Item to Playlist” option to start populating the playlist.


Step 6. A new window will appear on the left. Here you can search the available videos. Select to view the video you would like to add to the playlist


Step 7. From the “Details” tab, Select the “Add to” button and then “Add to PlayList” from the dropdown menu.


Step 8. You will then need to select the playlist that you would like to add the video to


Step 9. When you have finished searching and adding videos to your Playlist select the X.


Step 10. The video player will be displayed. The items from the playlist will be played here.


Sharing your videos 

As a student your videos are private by default. This means that in the eStream portal they cannot be found by either students or by staff.

The way in which you as a student can share your videos is by uploading them as an assignment to Moodle or sharing them by embedding them in MyPortfolio.

1) Share by embedding

When you embed one of your videos in for example MyPortfolio it will require that another user be logged in to view it.

To Share by embedding find the video you want to share.

Step 1. Select “Share” and “Share by Embedding”


Step 2. Choose the options you want. For example size of video etc..


Step 3. Copy the embed code and add it to the page (eg. MyPortfolio).


2) Share by Web Link

To share a link select “Share” then “Share by Web Link”


Under Options select “Unrestricted Access” and change the choice to “Always”. This will allow users to view your video but will still require that they login as either student or staff to view it.

If you want the video to only be available for a short time you can limit the access by a number of days.


If you want to be allow people outside of Warwick to view your video make sure “Bypass Authentication” has a tick.

Leaving “Bypass Authentication” unticked will make the video viewable only by current Warwick Students and Staff with a Warwick IT login.


Once your embed code is configured, you may then copy the web link and share it on Moodle and/or ePortfolio



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