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Uploading videos in the eStream portal

The following set of steps will guide you through the process of uploading videos into the eStream portal.

Step 1.


Step 2. From the menu, select “Create” then “Upload Video”


Step 3. You can drag & drop your file or select the upload icon.


Step 4. Enter details about the video


Step 5.

Under options select the Publishing Policy for your video you have 3 options .

• Standard (No network / IP restrictions)
• Internal Only (Restricted to Warwick network / IP range)
• Student Content (no network / IP restrictions)

Most often you would select the default option "Standard (No network / IP restrictions)" which has no IP restrictions. Use this option if you are planning to use an embed code to deliver you content.

For students to see content in the eStream portal (not embedded in another site) you MUST select the option “Student Content (no network / IP restrictions)”


Step 6. In “Select Categories” select the categories you wish your video to appear eg. Your department If you wish students to see this video you MUST also add the category “Warwick Students”. Select “Confirm Category Selection”


Step 7. When you are happy with the details Select “Confirm”


Step 8. On the next page you will see the title and description of your video. At this point your video is only “Ready to upload”.


Step 9. You may click on the "Add More" button to add additioanl video files.


P.N: Once you have uploaded your videos they will be converted into a web friendly format. The conversion process normally takes a few minutes. You will receive an email when the conversion process has been completed and you can then view and search for your videos in eStream.

Step 10. Once the file/s have been uploaded, you may look-up the video via the search box for the "Categories" button.



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