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Remove content from a page

Content (or artefacts) can easily be removed from a page using the delete icon.

Open pages and collections from the main menu.

Main menu, Pages and collections

Either, click the 'Edit' button when you are on the Pages overview page.

Edit page on pages and collections

Or, click the 'Edit' button when you are on the actual page. Open the page (2) directly or via a collection (1) by clicking on the title.

Choose a page or a collection

Select Edit from the top right corner of the page.

Edit button on page

Click on the trash icon to remove the item. A pop up will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete the block.

Confirm deletion of block

Click 'OK' to confirm and the block will be removed.

See this page in the user guide for more information on the Page editor

The information on this page relates to Mahara 18.10 and was last updated December 2018.


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