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Edit your profile

Every user in Moodle has a Profile page which may be reached by clicking on your name (top right) and from the user menu top right, click 'Profile'. This page contains links to further pages allowing the user to edit their profile information and preferences, view their forum/blog posts, and check any reports they have access to.

Editing Your Profile

Individual users can edit their profiles by clicking the Edit profile link accessed from the Profile page.

The fields are divided into 6 sections - General, Preferences, User picture, Additonal names and Optional which are all explained below.

Remember to click 'Update profile' when you have finished.

Moodle profile options


Username, First name*, Surname* and Email address* should not be edited.
*denotes compulsory fields.

All other settings - City/Town, Country, Timezone and Description - are optional.

The Timezone field is used to convert time-related messages on the system (such as assignment deadlines) from the local timezone (the time in London) to the correct time in whichever zone you have selected.

User picture

This section is optional and allows you to choose your own profile picture.

The "add" button allows you to choose a new picture for your profile - you can also drag and drop onto the area with the arrow. The picture must be in JPG or PNG format (ie the names will usually end in .jpg or .png).

To upload an image, click the "Upload a file" button from the list in the File_picker, and select the image from your hard disk. Click "Update Profile" at the bottom - the image file will be cropped to a square and resized down to 100x100 pixels.

Additional names

You will be able to set your alternative or additional names here.


Use tags here to display your interests on your profile page.


There are several optional fields allowing you to add further details to your profile such as contact details and your website.

Display Settings

The final option on the profile page relates to how you want to view your Moodle spaces (by changing how page widths are rendered). Changing this could cause page layout issues so should be used with care, or not changed.

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated July 2018.


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