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Visitor access to Moodle

People who are not members of the university but who require access to our systems can be issued with a visitor IT account linked to a University number. These may include unpaid external staff, non-credit-bearing students, and where courses in Moodle are aimed at people external to Warwick.

For assistance with this process, please contact the IT Help Desk for further advice.

  • It is important that this process is only used where the person is not already recorded in student records (SITS) or the HR system.
  • For visiting academics, please contact 

In the first instance, please contact your departmental administrator or Moodle contact to ask if they have the facility to create these accounts via access to the University membership or card management systems.

If you still need to create these accounts, please follow the process below. You will need to provide user information (name, email, date of birth etc.) by completing an Excel spreadsheet and submitting this via the form.

  • Use the “Request an IT account for a visitor” form via the online help desk.
  • Download the spreadsheet, complete the details and attach the file. Please note the spreadsheet is a macro-enabled Excel workbook. When completing it, open it in Excel and allow the macros (select "Enable content"). Save the file to your PC once complete.
  • Fill in the rest of the online form, attach the file, and submit it.
  • A university number with associated visitor account will be created on the University membership system for each entry you have added.
  • Finally, the account(s) will need to be activated via using the University number and date of birth. Accounts will be available for use and will appear automatically in Moodle within 24 hours.

Please note in any communication with the IT Help Desk it is always worth reiterating that these accounts are being requested in order to allow access to Moodle.

  • As noted above, visitor accounts are associated with a University number and eligible for a University card that can be collected from University House (staff), or Senate House (students).


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