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Icons, content and menus


Assignment Assignment - An activity used to submit files for marking. Can be integrated with Turnitin for plagiarism detection.

Chat Chat - An asynchonous chat tool activity that can be used for group work.

Choice Choice - An activity that works like a poll. Can be used to allow students to select a project or group.

Database Database - An activity which allows students and editors to input and store searchable data.

Feedback Feedback - An activity that enables the creation of surveys to collect feedback.

Forum Forum - An asynchonous activity that can be used for moderated and unmoderated group discussion.

Glossary Glossary - A list of definitions that can be added to by student or editor.

Group Choice icon Group Choice - Allows students to select one or more groups they wish to be a member of in a course.

Lesson Lesson - An activity for creating flexible learning paths using a series of HTML pages and choices.

Questionnaire Questionnaire - a plugin module which allows you to gather data by surveying Moodle course participants.

Quiz Quiz - An online quiz activity that can automatically provide marks and feedback to students.

Survey Survey - An activity that can use COLLES and ATTLS survey instruments to assess and stimulate learning.

OU Wiki Icon Wiki - A series of web pages that can be edited by participants and automatically links entries.

Workshop Workshop - An activity that allows uploading of assignments and facilitates peer and self-assessment.


Book Book - A multi-page resource with a book-like format that you can page through or navigate using a table of contents.

External Tool External Tool - A resource that links to an external source of data such as Echo360 (lecture capture).

File File - A resource where you can upload a file to your Moodle space.

Folder Folder - A resource which can display multiple files of the same or different formats.

IMS IMS content package - allows uploading of a standard package of (predominantly static) content.

Label Label - A versatile 'spacer' that can be used with images, text and multimedia within sections.

Page Page - A link to a cross-platform accessible page which can contain text, images, audio and video.

SCORM SCORM package - allows uploading of a standard package of interactive content.

URL URL - Link to an external website

Editing and Navigation

Use the pencil icon to turn on editing for the space, titles and descriptions.

Use this to drag and drop topics, activities, resources and blocks.

Update or edit content and settings.

/ Hide / Show i.e. toggle the visibility of activities, resources or topics.

/ Move an activity or resource to the right or left i.e. indent.

Copy an activity or resource.

Assign roles to an activity to allow non-ediors to make changes to a specific item.

Delete an activity, resource or topic.

marker.png Highlight a topic in a different colour to draw attention to important topics / sections.

Click this for more information aka contextual help.

Edit Menus
Activities and resources
Activity and resource edit menu
Block edit menu
Settings menu
Settings menu

NB The block Edit menu is specific to each type of block but has the same options 'Configure, Hide, Permissions, Check permissions, and Delete.

Edit icons

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated July 2018.


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