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Insert an eStream video

Planet eStream is the preferred service at Warwick for streaming videos created by staff and students.

eStream videos can be added to any editable region which uses the text editor - this includes labels, pages, books, descriptions in activities and resources, and section/topic and course description/summary areas.

Turn on editing for your Moodle space.

Edit settings

Access the settings page for the item that you want to insert the eStream video in (for information on editing labels, pages, books, course description etc. click the relevant link here or browse using the menu on the right). The settings page will contain an editable area with the text editor toolbar present.

Select the eStream icon.

eStream icon

This will open the 'Insert Planet eStream Item' window. In this windows you can:

  1. Upload a new video to eStream (and simultaneously embed it in Moodle), or
  2. Search for existing videos on eStream

eStream insert item

Type in a search term (1) and order the results (2) in ascending or descending order of relevance, date, duration, popularity, rating, title or last viewed. Click the and a list of relevant items will appear (4). You can further filter these by selecting 'Show Filters' (3).

eStream search results

Search filters (optional)

If there are too many results returned for a specific search, use the filters to narrow down the search.

eStream search filters

  1. Media type - eStream can hold more than just video 'recordings' but that is outside the scope of this guide.
  2. Date (range) that the video was uploaded to eStream
  3. The length of the video
  4. NB Categories is not in use in our current version of eStream
  5. Metadata is the title, description and keywords of the video and are used with 'contains', 'does not contain', 'equals' and 'does not equal' qualifiers
  6. As per 1 above, tthe specific filters allow searching for non-video files - audio only files, static images, within subtitles, and, where present, author, location, source and the document type (for files such as presentations, PDFs).

Inserting the eStream item

Select the video by clicking on its title and this will open the 'Add to moodle' screen.

eStream add to moodle

Clicking on the 'Add to moodle' button will insert / embed the video into the editable location.

eStream video inserted into editable area

Save and return to the course.

eStream permissions and Moodle

If you add a video marked as private on eStream to your Moodle space, Moodle overrides the permissions and will make the video available to participants with appropriate permissions on the current Moodle space.


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