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Manage your participants

Participants are the editors and students who are part of a course. The list of participants can be seen by clicking the Participants link (1) in the Navigation block.

Moodle course participants

Participants can be enrolled on courses in different ways; automatically (from SITS, or using a webgroup), manually by the department or course leader using the enrol users page (2), or can enrol themselves if this has been made available as an option.

Each participant will appear in the list (3) with an image (where available), ID and email address, plus information on what role they have been allocated in this Moodle space (this can also be amended here), if they are in a group and when they last accessed the course. The final column reflects their current University status.

Participants can be added to Groups, given different roles, and their progress through activities and courses can be followed via completion and participation reports.

Introduction to course / participant management

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated July 2018.


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