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Assignment submission types

See the guide Create an assignment to find out how to set up these assignment types.

Assignment submission settings allow a Moodle space Editors to configure the submission type for the Moodle assignment. The following types of Moodle assignments are available:

  1. Online Text Submission
  2. File Submission
  3. Video Submission
  4. Mahara Submission
Online Text Submission

The online text allows a student to enter text into the Moodle assignment.

The advantage of online text is the assignment text is stored and can be read within Moodle. There are no files to download. It is particularly well suited to assignments requiring shorter word counts.

With this assignment setting:

  • Students type text into an editing window in their web browser

  • Students can periodically edit the text as long as the assignment is open
  • Students can insert links and multimedia content via the editor
  • Students are not able to attach files

Onine text submission

File submissions

The file submission setting allows your students to attach any standard type of file as part of their submission.

  • An Editing Teacher can set the maximum number of files (1-20) that can be uploaded
  • An Editing Teacher can also set the maximum file submission size (10KB-100MB)
  • An Editor can also select the type of file accepted for the submission
With this assignment setting:
  • Your students are able to upload files one at at time; or use the drag-and-drop function to add multiple files at once.
  • Students may delete the original file(s) and upload a newer version until the assignment submission is closed.

File submission

Video Submission

An Editing teacher can create a media-based assignment, allowing students to respond with a video or audio submissions, safe in the knowledge that their content is private and secure.

Where are media files uploaded?

Moodle integrates with a technology called, eStream. eStream is a media streaming service available to all staff and students at the university. It can be accessed using standard Warwick IT account details at

How does it work?

Once the media based assessment is setup in the Moodle space, a student can upload their media submissions directly via the Moodle space. Key benefits are:

  • Students can easily add video and audio submissions without leaving Moodle
  • A grader can view and grade a media submission directly in the Moodle space
  • A student can upload large media files (6GB Max size)

Video submission

Please note: If this submission option is used, students MUST submit an audio/video file item for assignment to be able to be submitted.

Mahara Portfolio submission

A Mahara assignment submission allows students to submit their ePortfolio assignment to Moodle for assessment.

With this assignment setting:

  • Students can choose a page or collection for marking
  • Students receive a confirmation of the submission
  • Students can also submit an optional file with their Mahara page or collection
  • An Editing teacher can setup the assignment so that the Mahara page is locked for editing after submission.

Mahara submission

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated August 2018.


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