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Create and grade a submission using a rubric

From Autumn 2017/18 the University updated the mark scale for undergraduate modules. Find out more on the Teaching Quality website.

Grade Letters - The site-wide default letters match the 20 point marking scale. For example, a score of 86% is a 'High 1st' according to the 17 point marking scale, whereas, a score of 86% is an 'Upper Mid 1st' in the 20 point marking scale. The student will see 'Upper Mid 1st' displayed in the Gradebook.

In a Moodle module, enter the Gradebook by clicking on Grades in left-hand menu. From the dropdown select View under Letters. Click Edit Grade letters. If Override site defaults is ticked, you are not using the default site-wide grade letters.

Below is a screenshot of the Moodle Gradebook a member of staff sees when letters have been used.Staff Gradebook view

Find out more about Moodle Grade Letters here.

Scales - A new scale, used for qualitative use only, has been created in Moodle to match the 20 point marking scale.

Find out more about Moodle Scales here.

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated August 2018.


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