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Create narrated PowerPoints and add to Moodle

PowerPoint includes a simple mechanism for adding audio to a PowerPoint presentation. In order to record narration, you must have a computer with a microphone and speakers, or a separate headset which you can plug in. There are two options for doing so:

Record a slide show with narration and slide timings

You can either record this slide by slide or as a whole presentation. Save this as a video file (.wmv or .mp4) which you should upload to eStream for sharing with students via Moodle.

  1. Follow the Microsoft guide, Record a slide show with narration and slide timings.
  2. Save the file as a video (File > Save As > .mp4 or .wmv).
  3. Add the video to Moodle via eStream, the media platform at Warwick. Please follow the guide Uploading videos in the eStream portal.
  4. Link the video file in eStream to Moodle, by following the guide Sharing eStream content in Moodle.

Add audio to your PowerPoint presentation slides

This option may be easier to record as it enables you to insert either existing audio files or record new audio onto each slide one by one. However, viewers will need to click on the speaker icon on each slide in order to play it. Upload this presentation directly to Moodle either as a regular PowerPoint file or, for a non-editable version, a PowerPoint show (.ppsx file).

  1. Follow the Microsoft guide, Add or delete audio in your PowerPoint presentation
  2. Add the PowerPoint slideshow to Moodle by following the guide on how to Add a file in Moodle
The information on this page relates to PowerPoint 2016 and was last updated March 2020.


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