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Move or delete a block

In order to move or delete a block, turn on editing via the cog icon.

Turn editing on

Move a block

Hover the mouse pointer over the icon and you will see the pointer change to show the move icon, and an alt text popup appear with the text 'Move block name'.

Moodle block edit icons

Press and hold the left mouse button (or right button if you are left handed and have reconfigured your mouse), and the pointer will change to a pointer as you drag and drop the block into its new location.

Move message

As you move the block, you will see a preview of the blocks new location (1) and other blocks will automatically move (2).

Location preview

Drop the block by releasing the mouse button, and the block will slot into its new space.

On the dashboard, you can move blocks from the centre to the right hand column and vice versa. This is not possible on course spaces - blocks can only be added to and moved within the right hand column.

Delete a block

Click on the block settings / edit icon and select 'Delete block name' from the list of options.

Delete block

A confirmation prompt will appear, select yes and the block will be removed.

Confirm block deletion

Blocks are difficult to recover. If you are not certain that you wish to delete a block permanently, use the 'Hide block name' option instead.

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated August 2018.


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