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Announcements in Moodle

You can use the 'Announcements Forum' to instantly send a notification e-mail all 'students' enrolled on a Moodle space. Posts are recorded.

The 'Announcements Forum' is automatically created for each Moodle space. By default, it is placed at the top of the space and only those with editing rights may add posts or reply to posts. The forum has 'forced subscription' (Everyone is subscribed and cannot unsubscribe) set by default.

Announcements can be used in conjunction with Groups to enable more granular communications.

1. To post an announcement, Click on 'Announcements'.

2. Click 'Add a new topic'.

3. Type a 'Subject', and then add content to the 'Message' box. This can include text, images, video etc using the tool-bar options.


4. You can add 'Attachments' to the 'Announcement' by simply dragging and dropping a file into the 'Attachment' box.

Tip: If you tick the 'Pinned' box, this means the announcement will remain at the top of the recorded posts, regardless of what gets posted after. This would generally be used for an important announcement that you would like to keep continually highlighted when a student looks at the 'Announcements Forum'.

Tip: Ticking the 'Send forum post notifications with no editing time delay' box will send a notification to everyone subscribed to that forum with no editing time delay. (Otherwise you will have 30 minutes to edit the post before students are e-mailed).

5. All announcements are recorded and shown in chronological order (unless pinned).

Using announcements with Groups

In order to filter announcements so that groups receive different notifications

  1. Create the groups and add the relevant participants
  2. Set your announcement forum to use groups (under Common Module Settings)- use 'Separate groups' to prevent groups seeing announcements sent to other groups.
  3. Create a new announcement and choose the relevant group from the drop down (NB a new Group section appears below Attachment - note the checkbox to 'Post a copy to all groups')

Announcements Groups

Please note that Editing teachers will always receive a notification from Announcements even when sent to a specific group.

For more advanced guidance on the 'Announcements Forum' please see:

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated October 2018.


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