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How to join a team

You can join existing teams (which might be public or private), create a new team, or chat directly with one or more members of the organisation. You might find that you have already been added to existing Teams, for work or learning.

If you are joining an existing team that is 'Private', you will need to contact the owner of the team directly to request to join.

You might also have been given a code that allows you to self-enrol. It is also common practice to create a direct web link to a team or a channel (click on any channel name or team name to get the link).

Request to join

  1. Click on the Teams icon in the left-hand side menu.
  2. Click on Join or create a team.
  3. Then use these options to join a team:
    • Create your own team and make it public or invite people to join
    • Enter a team code if you have been provided with one via email or another source
    • Hover over a team block, and click on Join Team. If this requires permission, the team owner will be notified and can add you.
    • If the team you are looking for is not visible, use the Search teams box in the top right corner to search for teams using keywords and then click on the result to join the team

Authorise requests to join a team you own

Team members can add other people directly to a public team. However, they can't directly add members to a private team but can request someone to be added to a team they're already a member of. When a member requests someone to be added to a team, team owners will receive an alert in the Activity section (at the top of the left-hand side menu) that they have a pending request that they can accept or deny. Requests might also be received from people who have been sent a link to join or who have found the team by searching,

The information on this page relates to Microsoft Teams and was last updated April 2020.


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