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Create a new team and add members

 A Team is a group of people, and teams use channels to have conversations with teammates. Each channel is dedicated to a specific topic, department, or project.

If you are creating a new team:

  • Avoid creating a Team that is similar to one that already exists.
  • Use a name that identifies it clearly.

Create a team

  1. Click on the Teams icon in the left-hand side menu.
  2. Click on Join or create a team.
    • In Grid layout, the button is in the top right corner.
    • In List layout, the button is at the bottom of the Teams list.
  3. Click on Create team on the Create a team block. You might have to hover over the block for the button to appear.
  4. Select Other.
    • If you use the Staff, Class or Professional Learning Community team types, they have additional content added (including a comprehensive OneNote notebook set up, which can be good for teaching). This can be really useful, but it is best to keep it simple to begin with. You can always add a shared OneNote if you like later.
  1. Enter a Team name.
  2. Enter a Description (optional).
  3. Select the Privacy setting:
    • Public, anyone at Warwick can join;
    • Private, only team owners can add members.
  4. Optionally, you can:
    • Create a team using an existing team as a template, i.e. from another team with the same members and member permissions.
    • Create a team from an existing Office 365 group, i.e. the same groups that are used for group mailboxes on Outlook.
  5. Click Next to continue.

Add team members

The next stage is adding team members. If you have set the team to be public, you can skip this part.

  1. Type in part of the name of the member you want to add - at Warwick, this is usually easiest if you type surname, firstname as this is how people are recorded in the Office365 addressbook.
  2. Click the person's name.

Repeat step 1 and 2 until you have all members. If you need to add people who are outside of Warwick, type in their email address. You can change their display name by clicking on the pencil icon.

  1. Click Add.
  2. Use the drop-down on the right-hand side of each member name to set them as an Owner or Member of the team.
  3. Click Close.

The team will be created with a 'General' channel set up by default.

Next steps

The information on this page relates to Microsoft Teams and was last updated April 2020.


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