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Run polls and surveys in channels and meetings

In a channel or chat use the Polly tool to run polls and surveys, look for the Parrot icon in the message editing tools.

Add a Polly poll

  1. Click the Polly icon (parrot) found bellow the message entry field
  2. Configure your poll

For your poll you can:

  • Choose when you want the poll to go live
  • Select and edit the question format
  • turn on/off comments
  • select if and when results are displayed
  • make responses open or anonymous
  1. Click preview to see how the poll will display
  2. If finished click send, or click edit to continue to make changes
Use the Vevox personal response system with Teams to enable responsive teaching and active learning in webinars.
The information on this page relates to Microsoft Teams and was last updated April 2020.


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