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Invite external guests to join a team, channel or meeting

Guest access lets you add individual users from outside your organisation to your teams, channels and meetings in Microsoft Teams. You can manage guest access settings to control guests' access to team chats, meetings, and files. There are differences between internal users and guests by design. Find more information about what the guest experience is like.

Add a guest to a team

In order to add guests to a team and manage them in Microsoft Teams, you have to be (a) team owner. If you want to add a guest and are not (a) team owner, you can send a request to the team owner(s) for the guest to be added. Follow this process for both scenarios:

  1. Click on the Teams icon in the left-hand side navigation menu.
  2. Click the ellipsis menu  icon next to the name of the team.
  3. Click on Add member.
  4. Type in the email address of the person you wish to invite and press enter to add (the) email-address as a Guest.
  5. Click on the pencil icon and edit the name of the guest. Please check the name carefully before clicking Add. This will create a guest account in Warwick's Active Directory. Guests can then be added to other teams using their name - hence the importance of ensuring the name details are correct.
  6. A team owner has to approve the request for the guest(s) to join the time. This applies only if you are not a team owner yourself. In this case, step 6 is skipped.
  7. An email will be sent to the guest(s) that you added with instructions and a link to open Microsoft Teams.

For more details, please read How a guest joins a team.

Add a guest to a channel

Guests added to a team will be able to see all team channels unless these are limited to individual members of the team (indicated by a padlock next to the Team name). For these channels, the guest will need to be added manually. If required, you can change the guest permission settings for channels.

  1. Click the Teams icon in the left-hand side navigation menu.
  2. Click the ellipsis menu   icon on the right-hand side of the private channel that you want to add the guest to.
  3. Click Add Members.
  4. Type the email address of the guest(s) and click on the suggestion.
  5. Click Add.

It is not possible to add a guest to an individual channel without adding them to the corresponding Team first.

Invite a guest to a meeting

It is possible to invite people external to Warwick to a Teams meeting.

Schedule a Teams meeting using Outlook. Please note the following:

  • The email sent to the recipient will have a link to join the meeting which will open the default browser on their computer. If they have the Teams application installed there is an option to use this or to continue on the web. Notify guest(s) that the Safari browser (Mac users) is incompatible with the web app and offer them the desktop app to install.
  • If guests do not have a Microsoft account, they will see a simplified version of the interface which allows them to type in a Name and then click Join now to enter the meeting.

We advise following the instructions to change participant settings for a Teams meeting to configure the lobby settings and presenter settings for the meeting, to make a Teams meeting safer.

For information on how to join your meeting, you can refer your external guest(s) to Join a Teams meeting.

The information on this page relates to Microsoft Teams and was last updated April 2020.


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