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Create and share a recording of a meeting

Record a meeting

You can record meetings and group calls but not one to one chats. Whiteboards and shared notes are not captured.

Notify your participants that you are going to record the meeting and check for any concerns. If the recording is going to be shared, you should advise participants who it will be shared with and get permission.
  • Start or join the meeting.
  • Go to the meeting controls and select More options ,  Start recording.
  • Participants will receive a notification, also recorded in the Chat, that the meeting is being recorded.

At the appropriate time, stop the recording.

  • Go to the meeting controls and select More options , Stop recording

Watch a recording

All participants in the meeting can view the recording by going to the chat history for the meeting. Hover over the recording and click on the play video pop-up to play this in Teams.

The recording owner (i.e. the person who started the recording) can also watch the meeting recording in Microsoft Stream where it will be stored in the My content > Videos section.

Guests and externals who attend the meeting won't be able to view the recording unless it is shared with them by the owner. Meeting recordings cannot be shared with non-participant externals.

Share a recording

What is the recording for?

When thinking about how to share a recording, you will need to think about the audience and the purpose of sharing. Our recommendations are in [].

  1. Sharing a learning activity (an interview, debate etc) created via a meeting with Warwick students [Share using eStream]
  2. Sharing professional services meetings with other members of the department. [Share via Teams]
  3. Sharing a meeting between staff and students with an external examiner. [Share via files.warwick]

Share with Warwick staff or students using a link or Teams

It is relatively straightforward to share within Warwick but more complex to share with externals.

If you started the recording and are therefore the owner, you can share the recording with non-attendees at Warwick

  1. Update permissions
    • Go to the recording in the Teams chat history and select More options ,  Open in Microsoft Stream.
    • Click under the video, then Edit
    • Add people to the Permissions section.
  2. Share using a link
    • Go back to the Teams chat history.
    • Select More options , get link
    • Copy the link and email or share via Teams.

Share a recording with students using eStream

If the recording is a learning object that you want to share with students, use eStream.

  1. Download the video from Stream. You must be the owner of the video to do this.
    • In Stream, locate the video.
    • Click the More menu
    • Select Download original video 
  2. Share the video via Moodle (using the eStream icon)
    1. Create a suitable activity in your Moodle course space
    2. Upload the video using the eStream button on the Moodle editor.
      • eStream permissions are controlled via Moodle - the video is private to these participants unless you specifically choose to make the video public
    3. Notify the students that the video is available using the announcements forum (or your preferred method)

Share a recording with an external person

Currently, it is not possible to directly share a meeting directly from Teams or Stream with an external person with whom you are working. However, there are some workarounds.

Share via eStream

This is not secure when sharing outside Warwick. You must not use this method if the video contains personal or private information that you are not authorised to share publically if the URL link was shared more widely. For more security, arrange for a user account to be created, and share via files.warwick.
  1. Download the video from Stream. You must be the owner of the video to do this.
    • In Stream, locate the video.
    • Click the More menu
    • Select Download original video 
  2. Share the video via eStream
    1. Upload the video to estream
    2. Share the video via a URL

Send (or share) via Files.Warwick

This method is more secure but you will need to monitor to ensure that the video is only downloaded by the person to whom you have sent the download link. You can make this more secure by arranging for an external user account to be created for the recipient and sharing the video file instead.

  1. Download the video from Stream as detailed above.
  2. Upload the video file to Files.Warwick
  3. Either
    1. Send the file to an external email address.
    2. Share the file to an external user account or an IT Services 'visitor' account.
  4. You will receive a notification when the file has been accessed and can remove the permissions to ensure security.


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