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Request a Vevox account

Please complete this form at least two weeks before you hope to start using Vevox. We will process requests about once a week.

We currently have a maximum of 100 full Vevox accounts for the whole of Warwick (worth £100 each, paid for out of limited central funds). We therefore need to ensure that they are used effectively. Priority is given to departments where groups of teachers are using Vevox together in an organised manner.

The service is primarily targeted at enhancing large-group teaching (please click on the link to read the definition, as it is not actually about a specific number of students), and cases where this can be enhanced for active learning, peer learning and/or responsive teaching. Please click on the links to read the definitions and consider if your case matches at least one of these.

If you are not certain, want to evaluate Vevox, or use it on a smaller scale, you can get a free (limited) educational account from the Vevox web site. You should use a non-Warwick and non-WBS email address to register for a free account.

If you think that you qualify for a full account, please complete this form:

Do you just want a basic free account so that you can evaluate Vevox? *
Tick each enhancement goal that applies to your use of Vevox:
How would you prefer to receive training in using Vevox?
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This data will be used to help us deal with your request. Anonymised data will also be used to monitor and improve the service.
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