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Information about Vevox for students

Vevox is a personal response system (PRS) for enabling Responsive teaching, peer learning and active learning in Large-group teaching.

Your teacher may use Vevox, and ask you to respond to questions and provide text feedback. The information that you provide is held within the Vevox meeting page that your teacher has set up. It is not used for any purpose other than that specified by your teacher, which may be for enhancing your learning experience or to help them improve their teaching. In most cases Vevox is used anonymously. However, your teacher may require you to provide your name at the start of the session. All data provided must be used confidentially, in full compliance with the GDPR legislation. Your teacher is in full control of the data you provide, and will delete it once it is no longer needed for teaching purposes.

You can read the full terms and conditions for Vevox, as well as information about data security and GDPR, on the Vevox GDPR and security information.


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